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Do your kids understand the value of money? Do they know that it takes hard work to earn the money you use to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table? One thing I wanted to be sure my kids understood was that money isn't easy to come by. If you want something, you will have to work for it. So, what are the best ways to teach your kids the true value of a dollar? My blog is all about teaching kids of all ages about hard work and how it pays off. Hopefully, you will find everything here useful and can help your child learn that with a little hard work, anything is possible.


Dealing With A Divorce: Why You Need A Financial Consultant On Your Side

16 February 2016
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Eleven states currently have marital property or community property laws. These laws contain provisions that require all marital assets owned by either spouse to be split evenly between both spouses during divorce proceedings, regardless of which party brought the assets into the marriage or earned the funds in question. If you are facing a divorce or are currently embroiled in divorce negotiations, you need a financial consultant on your side to help you protect as many of your assets as possible from division with your former spouse. Read More …

Three Signs You Need Professional Help To Prepare Your Taxes

4 November 2015
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Although you may have handled your taxes solo every year of your life, your circumstances may change and leave you in need of professional tax preparation. How can you tell if this is true in your case? Check these three signs to see if any of them sound like you. If they do, professional tax help will make your life much easier. 1. Time If you're working multiple jobs and taking classes part-time, you probably don't have much time left over for your social life, let alone for tax preparation. Read More …

3 Tips For Getting Started In Forex Trading

27 October 2015
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When you are looking to upgrade your portfolio and diversify your income and investment streams, forex trading is a quality option. Forex trading revolves around the exchange of various international currencies in order to profit from it in the long run. This is a form of investing that is very specific and that requires you to learn the ins and outs of it in order to stay the course and maximize on your earnings. Read More …

Good Yield, Low Risk: The Safest Options For Investors

30 September 2015
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As a financial investor, you want to get the highest return for your investment. Some may say low risk, low reward, but there are in fact some options for those who would prefer to invest with less risk involved yet get a better, more solid return in the long run. Whether you're a novice when it comes to financial planning or you'd just like some security on the money you're planning to put in, here are some options to consider when you plan for your financial future. Read More …