4 Ideas For Dealing With Wedding Mementos Post-Divorce

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4 Ideas For Dealing With Wedding Mementos Post-Divorce

25 September 2015
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Your divorce has been finalized and you're ready to move on. While this has no doubt been a difficult chapter in your life, there's no need to hold onto your old wedding gown or ring if you don't feel like it. In fact, getting rid of or repurposing these items can feel cathartic and allow you to have a new start. Here are four ideas for your old wedding mementos:

Donate Your Wedding Dress

Donating an old wedding dress to a meaningful charity allows you to help a bride in difficult circumstances have her dream wedding. Doing something generous and thoughtful during a tough time can help you regain perspective and allow something positive to come from your divorce. Charities accept wedding gowns for brides with cancer, brides serving in the military, and other worthy causes.

Sell Your Wedding Band

Selling your wedding band to a gold buyer means you get rid of an object that reminds you of painful times, while also making extra money. Gold buyers and sellers offer fair prices based on the current gold market, as well as the quality of your gold. Check out a company like Rocky Mountain Coin Inc for more information.

Repurpose Your Engagement Ring

If you loved your engagement ring and the materials (diamond, metal, etc.) are high quality, you might not love the idea of getting rid of it altogether. One idea is to hire a jeweler to repurpose it into a brand new piece of jewelry.

Your old engagement ring might be turned into a lovely pendant necklace, for example, allowing you to hold onto a nice piece of jewelry without holding onto the negative associations of the ring itself.

Have a Bonfire

This idea may seem extreme to some, but there can be something very liberating about burning old things. You could gather around your closest girlfriends, say a prayer or other affirming words, and use the bonfire as a symbolic way to say goodbye to the past and hello to the future.

Old love letters, wedding photos, and even your wedding dress could be part of the bonfire. You can even write down the things that were painful about your marriage and divorce, and symbolically burn them as a way to gain peace.

There's no reason to let your old wedding mementos gather dust in the attic, especially if they make you sad. Instead, find creative ways to deal with these items and gain peace of mind at the same time.