Don't Suffer From A Drug Test's False Positive While Out On Bail

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Don't Suffer From A Drug Test's False Positive While Out On Bail

30 September 2015
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Upon being released on bail, the defendant has to comply with any conditions imposed regarding the terms of release. In some jurisdictions, such as the state of Pennsylvania, a person with a history of drug use may be required to undergo drug screenings while on bail. Failing a drug test could lead to the revocation of bail and a swift return to jail. Unfortunately, even someone who stays clean and uses no illicit drugs might run into trouble due to the possibility of a false positive test result rearing its head. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid and address false positives

The Issue of a False Positive

As the name implies, a false positive refers to a drug test that reflects that someone is using drugs when the person really has not. The chance a person experiences a false positive are fairly low. The reported number of false results is about 5% to 10%. Regardless, those whose tests do reflect a false positive are going to find themselves in court dealing with a bail violation and possible revocation hearing. To avoid the costs, hassles, and possible consequences, take steps to avoid the scenario.

Find Out What Causes False Positives

To ensure your freedom, it is very wise to perform basic research into what might contribute to false positives. There are a number of harmless substances that can lead to a false positive. Even Ibuprofen and certain foods could contribute to a drug test yielding a false result. Once a little bit of research is done, take steps to clean up a diet and seriously try to avoid any over-the-counter medication. Visiting your primary care physician or a local free clinic and requesting advice from a healthcare provider on how to avoid false positives is an additional step worth taking.

Flush Out the System

Flushing the system out with a natural cleanse remedy is a somewhat devious way of trying to beat a drug test when illicit substances are present the system. Since there are no actual drugs in your system whatsoever, flushing out traces of legal substances or food choices doesn't reflect an attempt to cheat the system. Doing so simply reflects an extra effort towards avoiding a false accusation.

Take a Drug Test on Your Own

Having an unofficial drug test performed is advisable since passing the test could be entered into evidence during the bail revocation hearing. . Ask your bail bonds provider to recommend a reliable testing service that will maintain credibility in the eyes of the court.

Another point has to be mentioned here. If the test reveals a false positive, you could seek medical help to reduce the chances of the result being repeated on an official test.

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